Free Marketing Seminar in Glendale, AZ

Are you getting tired of spending money on one marketing tactic after another with little or nothing to show for it?  At last count, we’ve identified 73 ways you could try to improve your sales.  That’s a lot of trial and error.

At our new seminar, you will identify the one thing capable of impacting  YOUR business right now. We start with:

Your Value Journey: We’ll walk you through the step-by-step process your prospects take when deciding where to do business.  Only 2% of web site visitors buy based on one visit to a website.  You’ll see the steps they take, which will help you find the gaps in your marketing.  Then we’ll use the:

38 Point “Double Your Sales” Checklist: Once you understand the Journey your prospects take on the way to buying, and we see the gap(s) in your marketing, we’ll take you through our checklist of the 38 most powerful ways to bridge those gaps.  Once you understand the gaps, and are armed with the right tactics to fill them, you’ll also know what to say to best engage and convert your prospects.

Our next seminar is Tuesday, May 1, from 9 – 11 AM at the Glendale Chamber of Commerce (5800 W Glenn Dr Suite 275)  Sign up below!