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The number of marketing tactics available has exploded over the past 20 years, and it seems there’s a new one every week.  And you’re probably getting about 20 calls a week from someone that’s going to make one of those tactics work for you.  (Like the weekly call about the unclaimed listing on page 1 of Google.)

The solution: For any of these tactics to work, you must first have a strategy to grow your business, then you need to implement a system to turn strangers into loyal customers.  Without strategy and systems, the tactics are just an expense that has no chance of transforming your business.

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Online reviews are so important, and Jim and Dan set up a simple, repeatable process for us to ask for reviews from our customers.  We've doubled our number of reviews in Google, and we're averaging one new review per week with little extra work on our part.

Dr. Misty Fullerton, Healing Hands Chiropractic


After decades of helping newspapers to serve their advertisers better, Jim's passion for delivering results to small businesses led him to start Client Rush Marketing


Comedian, videographer, storyteller and technical wizard. Dan can help any business to refine their message and shout it out to the world.

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