About Client Rush Marketing

Small Business Marketing That Sells

While the marketing tactics available today are more powerful than ever, marketing success for local businesses has never been more elusive.  You probably went into business because you were really good at something, or maybe you got tired of working for someone else.  The harsh reality is that you can be the absolute best at what you do, and you'll only get paid based on how good your marketing is.

I'm guessing you've been pulled in many directions and have spent your hard-earned money on several marketing tactics that have mostly disappointed you.  Maybe even had someone build you a nice-looking website and saw little or no impact to your business?

Marketing that Sells starts with a strategy that drives a system to attract and convert (sell) the prospects that need what you offer.  Without these two pillars in place, it's easier than ever to throw money at tactics and have little or nothing to show for it.

Jim and Dan Hart are behind Client Rush Marketing, a small business that helps other small businesses install marketing systems that sell.  We are a father-and-son team with over 35 years combined experience helping small businesses succeed.  

As Certified Digital Marketer Partners, we also have the leverage of over 400 Consultants from around the globe that help thousands of small businesses in every type of business imaginable.  We collaborate on the most current best practices, tools, techniques, and strategies available today.  Staying on top of everything, in this extremely fast-changing space, is nearly impossible.  Being a part of a network of specialists and experts is imperative, and it allows us to bring you so much more than an expert in one tactic or a standalone shop.

You will find opportunities throughout this site to have us take a close look at how you're doing in specific areas of your marketing, even one where we look at everything and make specific recommendations. 

We'll always deliver the results of these in a helpful way.  Valuable recommendations with no sales pressure.  If we're right for you, and you for us, the conversation just might turn to ways we could help you implement Marketing that Sells.  Here's a few things we look for in a client, and some things you can expect from us.

Our Ideal Client

First, you have to be fun to work with, or at least not high maintenance.  We take what we do very seriously, especially our obligation to clients.  But we don't take ourselves too seriously, and we get along best with similar folks.

You need to be ready to become a marketing-driven company.  This is a long-term commitment.  We'll always look for some low-hanging fruit, and will typically find some early in the process.  But it will take time to build the assets you need and get you where you need to be, and ongoing effort to keep you there.  If this is something you want to 'try', don't waste your money.  This will be the best investment you've ever made - one that you'll wish you had done sooner.

Once you are comfortable doing so, we hope you will refer us to other businesses you know could benefit from our help.  This is how we intend to grow our business.  Nothing is as powerful as the recommendation of someone you know, like, and trust.

What You Can Expect From Us

While both of us do like to go out and have fun, we're really pretty obsessed with Marketing.  You must be to stay on top of it these days.  I talk about it at parties if I can corner someone for a while.  Always have an audiobook going, or participating in online courses and live events.

Even with all that, we're smart enough to bring in an expert in areas that call for it.  Your work will be done by the best in the business in each category, with us as the strategists and 'general contractors'.

Generating a return on your investment is the only reason we are in business.  Our own success is secondary to yours - which is something that will become very clear to you when working with us.