Timeless Marketing 2 – Painted Curbs

It might not seem like it, but marketers had access to detailed information such as consumers’ jobs, marital statuses, weight, mortgage statuses, salaries, vehicles, etc. long before the internet.

Still, this manner of data doesn’t offer the one timeless insight you need to know as a marketer:

Are these people who’d be interested in what you’re selling?

If this precise information isn’t valuable, then what is, in fact, the best way to go about finding the right data?

The answer can be found in the following story:

One time, the marketing person for the (then) Phoenix Coyotes asked me for help at a football game. I was invited there by the Arizona Republic to help marketers throughout the state with questions about data.

He wanted to know how to rent out suites at the team’s building.

Sure, I had access to all that extremely detailed information mentioned above.

But, instead, I told him to go look at the painted curbs of the parking lot. These had the names and contact information of suite-holders in the football stadium—people who displayed the desired buying behavior.  If they were interested in a suite at football games, they would probably be interested in a suite at hockey games.  Right?

A few months later, this gentleman reached out to inform me the suites had been filled—all thanks to my one timeless marketing strategy.