Timeless Marketing 3 – More Stories From My Dad

For this episode of Timeless Marketing, I’m going to continue the story about my father, who was a car salesman in the 1960s.

Back then, my father did two very smart things when he was selling a car to someone. The first thing was that he would make a special key and present it to the customer. The second thing was that he would tape the old key to his business card and tell the customer that they should put it in their wallet in case they ever got locked out of their car.

The lesson here was that having an impressive onboarding sequence can make one’s customer feel very special, and you can use that sequence to build a second purchase into the original purchase– even if that second purchase is quite a few years down the road.

This is an excellent example of timeless marketing, and also of a marketing tactic that I couldn’t really fully appreciate until decades later. Think about the different ways that you can get your “business card” into the wallets of your customers in today’s digital marketing landscape.