Timeless Marketing 5 – Tracking Your Results

Some of the most valuable marketing stories are the ones that tell a very simple story.

In this story, an oil change business was running quite a lot of print advertising in a very inefficient way. They really liked to use direct mail and was mailing around 82,000 people each and every month. He wasn’t tracking it at all and wasn’t paying attention to the purchases that could be attributed to that marketing source.  This was extremely wasteful and not cost-effective at all

I worked with this business and went through two months of data in order to connect the dots between who was mailed something and who came in and purchased something. Of course, it demonstrated a massive waste of money. What we changed was that we built the second and third purchase right into the first one that the mailer offered. This tripled the ROI of this marketing choice, and now the business owner was tracking how well the mailer was doing by who came in and “prepaid” for their next 2 oil changes.

It’s as simple as that. You want lifetime customers, not a ton of new customers. And building the second and third sale into the first is a great way to get those lifetime customers.