Timeless Marketing 6 – The Piano Club

I used to know a guy who owned a piano store. He didn’t sell much—he’d sold around 250 pianos by the time I got there.

His business was on the verge of failure, and he wondered why his full-page newspaper ads weren’t showing any results. I worked at the newspaper at the time, so he came to me for help.

The solution I offered kept him in business for at least a decade longer than he thought it was possible. It tripled the number of units he was selling. All because of a simple proposal: a piano club.

Why did it work?

We all know that getting a piano isn’t a quick choice. The purchase decision could take years, and that’s for the right people. Not everybody wants a piano! But my friend didn’t think about that.

Advertising a piano club on the paper was the perfect solution for the store: that’s where piano lovers would hang out, listen to music, and connect with each other. If they ever decided to buy a piano (which was almost certain), that store would be the first, if not the only business on their minds.

In this Timeless Marketing episode, I’ll use this personal favorite story to teach you how to connect with your customers early in the purchase decision and make your business their go-to choice.