Timeless Marketing 7 – 20X Return on Ad Spend

Today I want to tell a story of how a simple inbound marketing strategy resulted in a colossal return on investment.

One day, I met with the marketing director of Point Hilton Resorts in Arizona. We decided to run a three-day Memorial Day promotion. To create the ad, we used information about the habits of guests who participated in past promotions.

The ad included a tear-off card with the option to receive future offers and the option to receive a certificate that could be used on holidays.

By the end of the promotion, he gained a $17,000 return on $14,000 ad spend. But what really made a difference was the 650 email addresses we collected through the tear-off cards.

We ran promotions all summer long and sold 200 certificates — all using our email list. By the end of the year, his return on investment was $267,000.

Print ads often don’t create an immediate transaction, so there needs to be a mechanism in place to enable ongoing communication and retargeting.

What’s the takeaway here?

Don’t underestimate the power of your email list.