What We Do

In a world increasingly crowded with people who offer to ‘help you with some area of your Marketing’ (like the person that calls me every week about my unclaimed listing on the first page of Google), we stand out for a few reasons.  Think of us as Marketing Architects and General Contractors.  We put together a strategy for growing your business, then a blueprint to make it happen.  Our network of experts (the carpenters, plumbers, etc.) follow our plan, making sure the strategy comes to life – resulting in your ‘dream home’.

Trying to piece this together yourself, or having a tradesman (plumber or web site designer) handle the plan for the whole house, is likely to get you a funny-looking house at best.  Not to pick on web designers (especially good ones), but we’ve seen far too many beautiful web sites that do absolutely nothing to grow a business.  This is often true even when they show up well in search.  Converting traffic into leads and leads into customers is the hard, dirty work of Marketing, and we love doing it.  Nothing that comes before it really matters if you don’t get this right.

I’ve been in Marketing for over 35 years.  The first half of that was offline, because that’s all there was.  I learned the science of direct marketing when it was expensive to reach out to people.  Did thousands of direct mail projects that involved millions of dollars.  You had to be very good at identifying your audience and crafting a message that moved them to action, or a whole bunch of money got wasted.  Getting a lead required them to pick up the phone or go through the steps of mailing something back to you.

Today’s world of sending email for free or clicking a box on a website pales in comparison.  Consequently, you’re going to run into a lot of people who are good, or even excellent, at an online tactic or two.  You aren’t going to see many that honed their skills at such high stakes.  Or that know how or when to use a postcard or letter, or write a great print ad or radio commercial to drive traffic to your store or website.  These things are more work and cost more, but they can still work and are sometimes the best way to reach an audience.

That said, when I first went on the internet in 1993, my eyes got big.  The direct marketing implications were obvious, even though the audience was still very small.  I have been heavily involved in digital marketing ever since, taking many potential clients out on the internet for the first time.  I remember telling a very dubious car dealer that, yes, we would see cars sold online someday.  It still amazes me how far we’ve come and how fast we’re moving.

My son and business partner, Dan, graduated from the film school at University of Arizona.  We have been using video in our own Marketing for over 10 years, and it’s been great to have him join me as we see that exploding.  He is a ‘digital native’, sometimes correcting my etiquette as I wade into the latest social media effort.

Besides handling most of our video, Dan also is much more hands-on with the tools and services we use to help deliver results for you.  Social media, blogging, review and reputation management, SEO – the software you can use to manage that tactics that create the results you want seem to change almost daily.  While I can bring great experience and strategic insight to the table, Dan keeps up-to-date on how to best use the tools available to bring that strategy to life.

Combined, I don’t think you will find the breadth or depth of experience and skills in very many other places.  We’d be happy to look at your marketing and make some recommendations.  Click here to take us up on this.